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There are many types of abuse, as I discovered very recently. And knowing less about Manson-Wood’s story than you, I will use it to explain what I think about abuse. Let’s start by saying that it’s complicated. Reality is too complicated, and one of the reasons is because there are many points of view. And the only common denominator to align these points of view, so we don’t eat or kill each other, are ethics. Or morality. Or whatever you want to call it. A personal list of principles based on human interdependence and respect for life. We need to…

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I’ve never been great at anything. I’ve tried, many times, but in the end, the lack of motivation to get over the plateau made me comfortable enough to settle and not push further. This is the story of my whole life. Since school, I’ve never put my heart into anything for any longer than a day or two. And I’ve always felt there was something wrong with me, something that prevents me from being successful in life. Until now, I thought that I was not good enough or that I wasn’t taking life so seriously. But now I can ask…

Now that we have left behind 2020, it’s safe to talk about a lot of things that happened this year and make it to the news. And my job, as developer by force, is actually to check on things (I am actually a quality engineer) so let’s make a list of things that have enough quality to be considered to buy, enjoy or at least be interested on it (or not). Also, in this special Doom’s year edition, there are flowcharts so you can have an assessment without even having to think! Full refund if not happy with the outcome.

iPad Pro (apple pencil + magic keyboard)

First of all, a little bit of context:

At Koa Health, we create digital health apps, and this means they are required to complete critical quality standards to certify they are ready for the market. This implies lots of manual testing, exploratory testing and documentation. We manage all this inside our Quality Management System, but this will be part of a future post. However, prior to that, our main goal is to optimize the process of development as much as we can, which is why we have a testing automation strategy built on top of a continuous development ecosystem. …

We are finally making it. We will rent a motor home and start driving towards the Atlantic coast. I will post here the draft for the route and, in a series of posts, I will do updates about the spots, the drive, the motor home, food…

surfboard wax removing
surfboard wax removing

Day 1: Barcelona - Biarritz

🚐 Maps route (6:26h)

🛌 Biarritz

Day 2: Biarritz - Zarautz

🚐 Maps route (1:38)

Stoping at St. Jean de Luz and Hendaye

🏄 Biarritz Grande Plage

🏄 Hendaye

🛌 Zarautz

Day 3: Zarautz -Sopelana

🚐 Maps route (1:11)

🏄 Zarautz



🛌 Sopelana

Day 4: Sopelana — Berria

Maps route (1h)



🛌 Around Santander

Day 5: Santander - San Sebastian

Maps route (2:21)

🏄 Gros?

🛌 Around San Sebastian

Day 6: San Sebastian 🎂


Day 7: San Sebastian - Barcelona

Maps route (6:05)

😢 🏠

Yes, there are lots of modern “javascript” frameworks and there are also modern testers. This, is what, for me, a modern tester should be.

An advocate against manual testing.

Proficient in at least one programming language.

An agile and devops evangelist.

Has a very basic understanding of all the most common technologies: web, javascript, mobile development, servers, api’s, linux, terminal, bash scripting, etc.

The main goal for an old tester was to test an application like a monkey, randomly clicking around while taking notes to make next iteration easier. This behaviour is useless because of two things: technology automation &&…

Lately, I’ve been facing some anxiety issues. Too much stress, I guessed, which I tried to fix with exercise and relaxation. But two weeks ago I finally have it clearer than ever: I realised that every few minutes I was looking at my phone expecting/generating some input/output from/to the internet. It doesn’t matter what: pretty pictures from Instagram, ultimate news from Hackernews, twitter updates, Messenger messages, e-mails, Linkedin information… normal stuff, you know. This was causing some sort of malfunction on my attention which at the same time was helping to make these nonsense anxiety moments. I will continue with…

I have this feeling that nowadays 80% of content is just crap. Today I was reading some facebook updates, and I saw two posts from a “respected” newspaper with two crappy headlines infected by the buzzfeed virus. You all know what I’m talking about. I’m not even gonna try to replicate it here as an example. But at the same time, I understand that is an organic evolution on the online writing/reading. Optimization is everywhere, and its worship is close to fanaticism. Optimization can be good, really good. But optimization too can be bad, really, really bad. Cultural contents…

Art has always been, covering the entire spectrum of relationships, close to Power. Sculptures of heroes(or patriots?), hyperbolic buildings for God’s worship, kings portraits, historical novels… But also criticism against the war or dictatorships, exposure of society’s weaknesses, fight against racism, sexism, slavery… artists have always been IN or AGAINST the system (or both at the same time). But, as we know, the greatest artists, even if they where paid by royalty or religion, they always continued exploring the universe in many ways other than just painting hunting portraits or sculpting perfect greek muscles. In a personal and unique way…


Tech — Sports — Art Brain — Body — Soul

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